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Coating of  Aluminum, is our exclusive field of operations.



Fully conveyorised plant for all finishes of aluminium coatingsCoating of  Aluminum, is our exclusive field of operations. PVDF coating, Powder coating and Anodising, all the three available processes of coating aluminium are available with us.

The highlights of our facilities are :

  • Fully conveyorised plant.
  • Long Oven (12mtr x 1.75mtr x 0.6mtr)
  • Capacity of pretreatment line and conveyor to handle 6mtr long components
  • Air-conditioned stores
  • Huge storage space for metal profiles and sections.(over 100mt)
  • Fully operational lab to test coatings as per AAMA specs.
  • Full logistic support for in-time services.


Mill Finish Aluminium

Mill Finish Aluminium

  • Mill finish aluminium sections received from customer
Buffing Of Aluminium Workpieces


  • Buffing processes for smoothing the workpiece's surface
Pre-treatment Of Aluminium Workpieces


  • Pre-treatment of the workpiece for coating
Jigging Of Aluminium Workpieces


  • Jigging onto conveyor for coating
Coating Of Aluminium Workpieces


  • Coating of the workpiece with customer specified coating
Oven Curing

Oven Curing

  • Oven Curing of coated workpiece
Unloading From Conveyor Of Aluminium Workpieces

Unloading From Conveyor

  • Unloading of workpieces from conveyor
Quality Analysis Of Curec Coated Aluminium Workpieces

Quality Analysis

  • All cured coated workpieces undergo several stages of inspection.
Packing and Shipping Of Finished Aluminium Workpieces

Packing & Shipping

  • Modern and well-equipped packaging department.
  • To ensure that all material is shipped defect-free and safely packaged.


All production equipments in the metal finishing plant are subject to checks and controls, to ensure precision operation. An elaborate preventive maintenance plan is prepared, documented an implemented at the scheduled intervals. Records are maintained showing such details. As specified earlier also, consistency in quality is possible only by regular analysis of the process bath and monitoring of the curing oven temperature. Once the job is pretreated properly, a demineralised and de-ionised water rinse is also done so as to neutralize any charging, if left, on the job for proper adhesion of the final coat, may be powder or liquid. Wherein the conductivity does not exceed 100 µ siemens per sq. centimeter at 20°C.

The process starts with the job being hung on the jigs for pre-treatment and passed through the seven stage pre-treatment system on a mechanically operated hoist and then to the water-drying oven (to make the component moisture free). The job is then transferred to the conveyor for powder/paint spray and curing without being touched by the hands, so as to avoid any contamination.

We have a fully operational quality management system installed to ensure that the metal pretreatment and powder/PVDF paint application processes are carried out consistently and to the required standards. So as to support the quality management system further, laboratory facilities with appropriate testing equipments, are duly installed, viz:

  • Cross hatch test (coating & aluminium substrate adhesion/bonding)
  • Impact resistance test (Bonding)
  • Conical mandrel test (Flexibility)
  • Gloss retention test
  • Solvent resistance test
  • Pressure cooker test (blistering)
  • Salt spray test (corrosion resistance)
  • DFT test (micron test for coating thickness)
  • Oven temperature recorder.

In addition, records of readings, obtained are retained for inspection, with samples, for the period of guarantee, which not only comes from us, but also from our principals, M/s. Akzo Nobel Coating. The tests and equipments comply with the requirements of BS, AS, AAMA and others.


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